Hier ist eine Sammlung von Texten, die ich selber geschrieben oder adaptiert habe.

5. Klasse

  • Guessing Game: Characters from children’s books (PDF)
  • Guessing Game: Which pet is it? (PDF)
  • Guessing Game: What’s your hobby? (PDF)
  • Dialogue: A complicated garden party (PDF)

6. Klasse

  • Story: Why the bear has a short tail (PDF)
  • Story: The Bell of Atri (PDF)
  • Story: The Hammer Lost and Found (PDF)
  • Story: Dick Whittington and his cat (PDF)
  • Story: Peter Rabbit (PDF)

7. Klasse

  • What do you think about school uniforms? (PDF)
  • What do you think about homeschooling? (PDF)
  • Nonfiction: The Tower of London (PDF)
  • Nonfiction: Four different kinds of ‘football’ (PDF)
  • Nonfiction: The Strangest Sports in the World (PDF)
  • Story: Three little pigs (PDF)

8. Klasse

  • Fairy tale: The Bell of Atri (PDF)
  • Fairy tale: The Judge and the Devil (PDF)

9. Klasse

  • Story by Rudyard Kipling: Rikki-tikki-tavi (PDF)

10. Klasse

  • Story by Edgar Allan Poe: The Masque of the Red Death (PDF)
  • Nonfiction: Easter Traditions around the World (PDF)


  • Nonfiction: Charles Darwin (PDF)

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